Designers designing a wireframe application of mobile phone and responsive websites
Designers designing a wireframe application of mobile phone and responsive websites


Not everyone can navigate using a mouse, see graphics or hear audio instructions. People with and without disabilities now use a wide variety of technologies to access digital information. Techbility has completed a number of projects ensuring web content accessibility and training on accessible information and communication technologies [ICT].

GAN Website screenshot with logo

Global Accessibility News (GAN)

The Global Accessibility News (GAN) is the online newsletter operated by the Global Alliance on Accessible Technologies and Environments (GAATES). GAN has over 42,000 subscribers and distributes an e-newsletter weekly via email and RSS feed, and maintains the stories on the website. Aqeel Qureshi is the founder and former editor of GAN.

Techbility has recently undertaken the full redevelopment and modernization of the GAN website giving it a cleaner, modern look, updating functionality and search capabilities and ensuring it is fully mobile responsive.

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The Global Alliance for Media and Gender (GAMAG) is a worldwide movement to promote gender equality in and through media, and has grown to unite over 800 organizations and individuals in advancing gender equality in media organizational policy and content production. The Alliance was launched by and continues to be sustained by UNESCO. Given its broad constituency of stakeholders and contributors, it is essential to have an online web presence that is inclusive of all members of society, including persons with disabilities.

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Assistive Technology Development Organization (ATDO): Universal design and international standardization are key activities of ATDO, and therefore, it was essential their website be fully accessible. The organization was established in April 2006 in order to undertake research and development on information and communication technologies that can meet the needs of persons with disabilities and older persons in the promotion of social inclusion. In addition, ATDO also conducts training programmes on the use of mobile devices to provide communication support for persons who are deaf-blind.

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Access Inspector

Access Inspector is the world's first friendly built environment assessment tool usable by a wide range of users. Providing accessible environments can open new markets to your business. Accessibility takes into account everyone's needs, whether or not they have a disability, benefitting everyone.

Most likely, accessibility is also mandated by law in your country or city. Whether you have a local accessibility code or not, Access Inspector can help you assess common building elements in facilities of many sizes and types. Access Inspector is comprised of checklists for assessing more than 40 common architectural elements that contribute to create universally designed and accessible environments, such as: access routes, kerb ramps, entrances, doors, corridors, ramps, toilets, elevators, signage, etc.

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