woman working in a office, writing on a piece of paper
woman working in a office, writing on a piece of paper
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At Techbility, we believe in developing accessible web and App experiences that work for everyone, including persons with a wide range of knowledge, languages, abilities and disabilities. Accommodating this diversity is a challenge in both design and development.

We also believe that accessible website design doesn’t mean sacrificing aesthetics. Accessible web and App design can be beautiful.

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Why Us?

At Techbility we work closely with our clients to establish responsive customer service - by understanding your goals, we are able to provide accessible and user friendly back-end technology. A mutual understanding of the project goals and target audience ensures open lines of communication, effective problem solving and forms the foundation for successful outcomes.

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What We Do?

At Techbility we apply the principals of Universal Design to web and App development to ensure access and usability by the broadest range of users and consumers possible, all the while addressing compliance with accessibility regulations. We take care of the back end - so that you can focus on the front end, reaching the broadest and most diverse market possible for your good and services.

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