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Techbility joins efforts to ensure digital accessibility during COVID-19 crisis

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Organizations around the world have struggled to meet the needs of persons with disabilities, by going online for providing general information or trying to make digital services accessible, such as online learning, Covid-19 information or other local or institution specific information.

To help ensure their online accessibility meets the international standards and the needs of all persons with disabilities, Techbility is offering websites and mobile apps development at 40 percent discount through August 30.

For example, if the cost of a given website or app development is $1000 (USD), organizations that take advantage of Techbility’s 40% percent discount will only need to pay$600. Techbility can provide specific quotation for existing websites/apps, or development of new ones from scratch.

Around 15 per cent of the world’s population, or estimated 1 billion people, live with disabilities, many use some form of assistive technologies to help them access internet, that vary from color combinations, software adjustments or special devices. Without proper attention to accessibility features, regular website design may become a barrier for blind persons or for those needing assistive technologies. Techbility has vast experience in different accessibility levels,recognized by International standards and best practices, for helping organizations provide an online presence anyone can use.

"We want to help organization and institutions quickly meet the accessibility standards, which is why we are making our development services at only 60% percent of the cost," adds Aqeel Qureshi, CEO, Techbility. "It's our goal to ensure accessibility to information and services during this global pandemic, a challenging time for all humankind, and helping most businesses, and educational intuitions servicing persons with disabilities."

Apart from above we are also providing accessibility testing of existing website and mobile apps. Feel free to contact Techbility for discussing any particular need.

For more information, please contact us at info@techbility.com or visit www.techbility.com

About Techbility:

Techbility is a highly-specialized global firm dedicated to the development of accessible websites, mobile applications and internet consultancy services. Techbility was established to ensure that information would be accessible to everyone, ensuring that all information systems are accessible to the broadest possible audience, including users of assistive technologies, and to improving the online experience for persons with disabilities.

For more information about Techbility:

E-mail: info@techbility.com